Photolabeling of the Enzymes of the 2-5A Synthetase/RNase L/p68 Kinase Antiviral Systems with Azido Probes

  • R. J. Suhadolnik
Part of the Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology book series (PMSB, volume 14)


This review describes approaches to the photoaffinity labeling of 2′,5′-oligoadenylate (2-5A) synthetase, RNase L, and p68 kinase employing azido probes with photolabile groups on carbon-2 or carbon-8 of adenine or inosine nucleotides. The covalent cross-linking of 2- or 8-azidoATP to 2-5A synthetase, 2- and 8-azido analogs of 2-5A to RNase L, and azido dsRNAs to 2-5A synthetase and p68 kinase is described. In addition, the newly discovered role of the 2-5A molecule as an inhibitor of HIV-l reverse transcriptase (RT) is discussed.


Oligomer Interferon Fructose Adenine Pyrimidine 


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