General Results of Crystal Structure Analysis of Minerals

  • V. A. Drits
  • F. Liebau
  • Ch. Prewitt
  • V. A. Koptsik
  • W. H. Baur
  • D. Kassner
  • G. D. Price
  • V. S. Urusov
  • V. G. Tsirelson
  • O. V. Frank-Kamenetskaya
  • S. K. Filatov
  • R. M. Hazen


The discovery of X-ray diffraction (XRD) in 1912 (Friedrich et al. 1912) marked the beginning of a new era in the study of the atomic structure of crystals, as it became possible to “visualize” the arrangement of atoms in the unit cell repeated periodically over all the crystal volume. From then on, numerous structure studies have ensured deep insight into the complex and versatile world of minerals. These studies are of tremendous scientific and practical significance, as the knowledge of crystal structure is indispensable for reliable interpretation of data on chemical composition and physicochemical properties of minerals, for predicting and synthesizing crystals having specific properties, and for analyzing the formation and transformation conditions of minerals in various environments.


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  • F. Liebau
  • Ch. Prewitt
  • V. A. Koptsik
  • W. H. Baur
  • D. Kassner
  • G. D. Price
  • V. S. Urusov
  • V. G. Tsirelson
  • O. V. Frank-Kamenetskaya
  • S. K. Filatov
  • R. M. Hazen

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