Ecosystem Modelling: Sensitivity of Physical Characteristics to Spatial Box Design

  • C. Bacher
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The residence time of the water in different parts of the Marennes-Oleron Bay is one important characteristic of the biological system (Raillard 1991). For instance, the primary production potentiality of a given area depends on the local turbidity and the residence time of the waters in that area. Further, global assessment of the nitrogen flow between the biological compartments and inflows from the ocean or the Charente river as derived by the Raillard (1991) ecosystem model, showed the predominance of ocean inputs. A new hydrological model of the Marennes-Oleron Bay yielded two dimensional velocity fields for a single mean tidal level (Lazur, unpublished). The computations were the basis for the calculation of the transport of conservative substances throughout the Bay. For this work, the instantaneous values of the bidimensional flows and the volume of each cell were used to estimate the residence time of water inside the Bay. Eularian residual values were computed for the sake of simplicity. The simplification of the equations allowed the formulation of transport processes in a probabilistic fashion and the use of matricial computation methods to estimates the water residence time.


Tidal Level Water Residence Time Oyster Population Oyster Cultivation Bivalve Filter Feeder 
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  1. Raillard O (1991) Etude des interactions entre les processus physiques et biologiques interventant dans la production de l’huitre Crassostea gigas du bassin de Marennes-Oleron: essais de modelisation. These Universite Paris VI.Google Scholar

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