The Appropriateness of O R

  • K Brian Haley
Part of the Operations Research Proceedings 1992 book series (ORP, volume 1992)


The early Operational Research literature is devoted to explaining the applications nature of the subject and appeared in a variety of publications. March 1950 saw the appearance of Volume 1, No.1 of the Operational Research Quarterly1 — a magazine of 15 pages of which 9 were devoted to abstracts of other papers. One of these papers appeared in the UK journal Research Volume 2 in October 1949 and was by G Preuschen2 of (Institut fur Landwirtschaftleich Arbeitswissenschaft und Landtecknik, Imtshausen). The paper reviews the work at Institutes in Pommritz, Bonim and Breslau from 1918 and is fascinating in that it clearly represents some pioneering work covering the interaction of a number of factors aimed at production improvement. These include human and mechanical variables as well as the variability of the environment. The use of experimentation and analytical models were considered.


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