Reproductive Development in Seed Plants: Research Activities at the Intersection of Molecular Genetics and Systematic Botany

  • Rolf Rutishauser
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 54)


The following review summarizes new comparative ontogenetic studies on flowers and inflorescences in seed plants (including gymnosperms). With few exceptions, this discussion is restricted to literature published in the years 1989–1992. Emphasis is given on structural dynamics in ontogeny and phylogeny, on homeosis and heterochrony. Since the publication of my earlier reviews covering the years 1985–1988 (Prog. Bot 49:51ff, 51:54ff), the genetic-molecular approach has been considered very successful, a “major breakthrough in the study of flowering in particular and plant development in general” (Lord 1991). The following review provides insights into the exciting world of flower development of Antirrhinum, Arabidopsis, and Petunia based on developmental mutants and new genetic-molecular methods. The models describing and explaining floral morphogenesis in these organisms seem to fit various other seed plants. Although the terms “genetic control” and “genetic program” are inappropriate to some degree (see criticism in Nijhout 1990), it was not always possible to avoid them in this review.


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