Systematics of the Pteridophytes

  • Karl U. Kramer
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 54)


Detailed investigations of a limited alliance of plants often lead to the discovery of new differentiating characters. These are then not rarely strongly emphasized in the process of evaluation, the points of similarity being underrated. This usually leads to the establishment of new genera and even families, the former resulting in many new combinations or names. A number of fern taxonomists thought that the time for a re-evaluation and for some measure of consolidation had come. They set themselves the task of critically re-examining all characters employed for splitting off families and especially genera of ferns, of which there was a great amount in recent times. All currently available evidence from biosystematics, karyology, chemotaxonomy, SEM study of spores and other organs, etc., was incorporated as far as possible in an attempt to arrive at a balanced system of classification above the level of species. The results are to be found in the contributions of some 25 specialists in the pteridophyte treatment in Vol. 1 of the newly started series The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, edited by K. Kubitzki (Kramer and Green 1990). In many cases, there is an appreciable reduction in the number of families and especially genera upheld. Numerous genera recognized solely on the basis of local studies, based largely or entirely on characters like type of venation, shape of sorus, presence or absence of an indusium, all criteria that had gradually become rather obsolete, have been relegated to the synonymy. Special literature pertaining to (part of) a family or a genus is cited as fully as possible. Artificial, i.e., practical keys are provided to families and genera in general as well to the genera of each family.


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