Functional Aspects II

  • W. B. Severs
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It is fair to say that comparatively little is known about the functional role of the SCO, especially as it relates to day-to-day life. Although many possibilities have been put forth, the experimental record does not now provide strong support for any proposed function. An incomplete list of some possible functions include a “volume,” “stretch,” or “osmotic” (ion?) sensing mechanism that might make adjustments in cardiovascular and salt/water balance parameters. A “detoxification” function has been discussed, wherein the SCO removes excess endogenous or exogenous chemicals entering ventricular cerebrospinal fluid. Other possible functions of the SCO that have emerged are a role in the physiology of sleep and reproduction. Data presented at this symposium emphasize a new aspect of SCO function: namely, does it affect intracranial salt/water blance and CSF circulation? Implicit in these areas of inquiry is that the SCO could be involved in the pathophysiology of several models of hydrocephalus.


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