The Subcommissural Organ: Immunohistochemistry and Potential Relations to Salt/Water Balance

  • W. B. Severs
  • C. D. Balaban
  • B. A. Morrow
  • C. L. Snyder
  • L. C. Keil


The subcommissural organ (SCO) seems to be an “orphan” among the circumventricular organs (CVO). It attracts relatively little research activity and there is no clear-cut indication of what normal physiological function(s) it contributes to the day-to-day life of an animal. By contrast, other CVOs with more clearly defined roles attract considerable research effort. For example, the area postrema and the nearby nucleus tractus solitarius are well known for their involvement in cardiovascular reflex mechanisms (Miselis et al. 1987). Similarly, there is considerable information, including anatomical connectivity, about the subfornical organ and its linkage to water ingestion and vasopressin secretion (Lind 1987).


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  • W. B. Severs
  • C. D. Balaban
  • B. A. Morrow
  • C. L. Snyder
  • L. C. Keil

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