Ernst Reissner (1824–1878) Anatomist of the “Membrane” and “Fiber”

  • Ragnar Olsson
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Ernst Reissner was born in Riga on 12 September 1824. At the University of Dorpat (now Tartu), Estonia, he was a student of K.B. Reichert and apparently a very successful investigator, because already at the age of 23 years he was awarded the “goldene Preis-Medaille,” with the promise that the university would cover the cost of printing the manuscript. In 1861, he received his doctorate (doctor habilitatus) with the thesis on the inner ear “De auris internae formatione,” after having been appointed at Dorpat University since 1851. In 1857, he became Professor of Anatomy, a position which he held with great success until he retired in 1875, only 51 years old. After a number of years of distinguished work the honorary title of a Real State Councillor (Wirklicher Staatsrath) was conferred on him by the imperial Russian government. Reissner died on 4 September 1878. His name has been preserved for following generations through the eponyms “Reissners membrane” (membrana vestibularis) in the inner ear and “Reissners fiber” in the brain and spinal cord.

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