Regeneration of Plants from Protoplasts of Pelargonium spp. (Geranium)

  • K. B. Dunbar
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Pelargonium species comprise one of the most popular groups of flowering potted plants in the world (Wood 1966). Most cultivated Pelargonium plants are grown for their colorful showy flowers, others for their scented foliage and exotic leaf shapes. The genus Pelargonium contains approximately 300 species, most of which are native to South Africa (Moore 1971). Pelargonium zonale was first introduced into Europe in 1609 (Ewart 1980). Currently, P. x hortorum L.H. Bailey (garden geranium), P. x domesticum L.H. Bailey (regal geranium), and P. peltatum (ivy geranium) are the most economically important Pelargonium species. Records of the crosses that produced the hybrid species were not kept. Pelargonium x hortorum is thought to have originated from four wild species: P. zonale, P. inquinans, P. frutetorum, and P. scandens. Pelargonium x domesticum is thought to have originated from seven wild species: P. angulosum, P. betulinum, P. capitatum, P. cordifolium, P. cucullatum, P.fulgidum, and P. grandiflorum (Ewart 1980).


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