Testing a Prototype Expert System for Diagnosing Wastewater Treatment Plant Operating Problems

  • Catherine D. Perman
  • Leonard Ortolano


SLUDGECADET, an expert system prototype, diagnoses operating problems at wastewater treatment facilities. The system implements a model of the diagnostic techniques of a group of expert treatment plant operators. As a step in developing the prototype, two experiments were implemented to evaluate the system’s ability to represent the participating experts’ diagnostic techniques, to appraise the system’s performance using the standards of an expert who was not involved with system development, and to judge the system on the basis of an empirically established standard of performance. The tests were implemented on a limited, experimental basis, and thus they do not constitute a full scale evaluation effort. Despite their modest scope, the tests yielded information useful in refining the prototype and in designing future expert systems’ validation studies.


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  • Catherine D. Perman
  • Leonard Ortolano

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