Percutaneous Alcoholization of Adenomatous Hyperplastic Nodules in Cirrhosis

  • R. Lencioni
  • D. Caramella
  • P. Bagnolesi
  • A. Cilotti
  • G. Di Coscio
  • C. Bartolozzi
Conference paper


Cirrhotic patients, a high-risk group for the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), have been followed largely with ultrasonographic (US) monitoring and serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) measurements to detect small HCC in preclinical stage (Okuda 1986 a; Cottone et al. 1988; Oka et al. 1990). However, the widespread use of US studies has also led to increased detection of nonneoplastic lesions of the cirrhotic liver. Among these, the adenomatous hyperplastic nodules (AHNs), considered likely to evolve as HCC, are the most frequent (Arakawa et al. 1986 a, b; Okuda 1986 b; Ohta and Nakanuma 1987; Tsuda et al. 1988; Sakamoto et al. 1991).


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  • R. Lencioni
  • D. Caramella
  • P. Bagnolesi
  • A. Cilotti
  • G. Di Coscio
  • C. Bartolozzi

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