The DENSADEG — A New High Performance Settling Tank

  • Pascal Dauthuille
Conference paper


The evolution of settling processes requires increasingly more efficient apparatus. Today the settling tanks must meet the following criteria:
  • Great compactness: high settling velocity.

  • Excellent treated water quality: use of lamellae.

  • Production of concentrated sludge: simultaneous sludge thickening.

The DENSADEG is a new compact clarifier-thickener capable of meeting all these requirements. It fits into the line of sludge recirculation type lamellae settling tanks using chemical reagents. The original design of the reactor induces both a highly dense and homogeneous floc and settling velocities ranging from 20 to 40 m/h. In addition to settling, sludge thickening takes place in the DENSADEG (30 to 500 g/l); the thickened sludge can then be directly handled by a dewatering unit. More than fifty DENSADEG are presently in operation around the world in many areas of applications: drinking water, urban wastewater, sludge treatment, industrial water and storm water treatment.

An example is discussed in drinking water (Morsang-sur-Seine) and in urban wastewater (Gréoux-les-Bains).


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