Trophic Alterations of Joints

  • Arnold Soren


Osteochondritis dissecans is the term given by Koenig [907] to a joint ailment in which a fragment of cartilage and subchondral bone becomes separated from an articular surface. Its cause was viewed [907] as trauma to an area of the joint which was either mechanically very stressed or perhaps previously weakened by inflammation of the bone and cartilage, thus the designation of osteochondritis. Axhausen [57] emphasized that the weakening of the articular cartilage and its subchondral bone was predetermined by local necrosis of these tissues. The cause of these changes was considered [57] to be occlusion of the regional blood vessels in the subchondral bone either by bland mycotic emboli or secondary to injuries of the vascular wall. On disruption of the local blood supply, infarction and necrosis follow. This view has been supported by Platzgummer [1265] and others.


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