Stationary Phases for Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

  • Colin F. Poole
  • John W. Oudsema
  • Thomas A. Dean
  • Salwa K. Poole


Virtually all contemporary research using packed columns in SFC is performed with column packings and column dimensions optimized for high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) [1]. This catalyzed the early development of practical applications of packed column SFC and provided a variety of stationary phase chemistries to optimize individual separations with the limited selection of available supercritical fluids with favorable critical constants. The lack of a reliable theoretical framework for kinetic optimization of column parameters has also served to deflect attention from the question of whether columns designed for the separation of low-molecular-weight solutes with incompressible liquids are necessarily ideal for the typical separations most suited to SFC [2]. It is still too early to answer this question definitively but at least some positive statements can be made concerning column dimensions, packings, and operating conditions that are most useful for SFC.


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  • John W. Oudsema
  • Thomas A. Dean
  • Salwa K. Poole

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