Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with FT-IR Detection

  • Larry T. Taylor
  • Elizabeth M. Calvey


Both conventional HPLC and GC detectors have proven to be compatible with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). For example, flame ionization, electron capture, flame photometric, thermionic, ultraviolet and fluorescence detection [1, 2] have all been successfully demonstrated. Various efforts have been made to couple spectrometric detectors with chromatographic systems in order to gain more specific information regarding eluting components. Fourier Transform infrared (FT-IR) [3], atomic emission, nuclear magnetic resonance and mass [4] spectrometry have been interfaced to SFC with varying degrees of success during the 1980s. The focus of this chapter is SFC/FT-IR. The FT-IR detector is constrained by two major problems: mid-IR absorption by most chromatographically compatible mobile phases and relatively low FT-IR sensitivity compared to some other more established detectors. In order to minimize these problems, various ingenious interface designs have been explored. These designs appear to vary greatly, but they can be classified into two approaches: solvent elimination coupled with transmission or reflectance IR, and flow cell coupled with transmission or attenuated total reflectance IR. Each approach has a unique set of characteristics that makes it attractive for certain applications.


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  • Elizabeth M. Calvey

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