Preoperative CT Staging of Gastric and Colorectal Neoplasms with Water as Contrast Medium

  • J. Gaa
  • M. Georgi
  • H. K. Deininger
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Conventional double-contrast barium studies and endoscopy continue to be the primary methods for examining tumors of the stomach and large bowel. In contrast to computed tomography (CT), however, these methods provide no information concerning tumor growth beyond the organ borders or the presence of regional lymph node and organ metastases. For more extensive diagnosis using CT, reliable opacification and adequate distension of the gastrointestinal tract are required. Aside from the commonly used iodine-containing contrast media and barium suspensions, some authors have recommended the use of water given orally or rectally as an alternative contrast medium [2, 3, 8].


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  • J. Gaa
  • M. Georgi
  • H. K. Deininger

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