Visualisation in a Software System for Scientific Computing

  • U. Lang
  • R. Lang
  • R. Rühle
Conference paper
Part of the Focus on Computer Graphics book series (FOCUS COMPUTER)


This paper describes a software system for scientific applications, called RSYST. The visualisation component within this system and its consistent integration into the overall data and module concept is emphasized. Doing simulation and visualisation in the same software environment allows a seamless integration of immediate visualisation into an ongoing simulation. By incorporating the visualisation into RSYST, functionalities are possible, which are not available otherwise. A database is used to store whole graphical environments or just parts of it, down to the level of a single graphical object. Graphical objects can be stored together with parameter sets or the parameter sets can be stored selectively. Time dependent data objects are easily displayed with fixed parameter sets. Standard data objects of RSYST are used to store the current settings. Thus it is possible to use standard modules to generate or modify a graphics environment. During program execution, the linkage between application specific data objects and their meaning with the graphical representation is retained, thus allowing application data to be influenced by manipulation of their graphical representations.


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  • R. Lang
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