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A Distributed Multimedia Interface Builder

  • Yngve Sundblad
Conference paper
Part of the EurographicSeminars book series (FOCUS COMPUTER)


Current and coming workstation and high-speed networking technology coupled with processing of different media in digitized form make feasible distributed applications where users can communicate with a computer and with each others using several human senses and presentation forms (media) in parallel. The Swedish research programme MultiG concerns all levels, from applications to fiber technology, in exploration of these possibilities in building distributed multimedia applications in a gigabit per second network. Here we describe DMIB, a distributed multimedia interface builder, a tool under development in Smalltalk-80 for building prototypes of multimedia interfaces. DMIB is based on object-orientation, direct manipulation, constraint and event handling techniques. It is intended for distributed use, i.e. for cooperation between two or more designers and/or end users at different workstations, which raises some functional requirements also discussed.


Temporal Constraint Direct Manipulation Event Handling Voice Command Handling Mechanism 
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