Canine Parvovirus Disease Syndromes



There are two distinct disease syndromes caused by CPV infection. These are the enteric form, a haemorrhagic enteritis, and the cardiac form, generally described as a non-suppurative myocarditis. A third manifestation, generalised necrotizing vasculitis, is occasionally diagnosed in puppies (Johnson and Castro 1984). With the pig parvovirus (PPV) and some other parvoviruses, infection of breeding stocks can lead to a further syndrome resulting in reduced fertility. However, despite worries voiced by owners and breeders (e.g. Thompson et al. 1985), there is no evidence that either CPV or its vaccine strains seem to be linked with these problems in dogs. The pathology of the disease is related to the age at which the animal succumbs to infection. Sites of virus multiplication are determined to a large extent by the fact that virus replication can only be supported by host cells which are actively dividing and so may be modified by any factor which influences the mitotic index of host tissue.


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