Effects of Isosorbide-5-Mononitrate on Haemodynamics and Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Heart Failure: Comparisons with Digoxin and Placebo

  • I. Dews
  • C. Marks
  • D. Woodings
  • J. Stephens
  • M. VandenBurg
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The pre-eminence of diuretics as first-line treatment in heart failure remains virtually unchallenged but there is less certainty concerning the drugs available for second-line treatment. The longest established of these is the inotrope digoxin, but its efficacy in heart failure with sinus rhythm has recently been called into question [1, 2]. Oral isosorbide dinitrate has also been found to be effective when combined with diuretics in the treatment of heart failure. However, large doses are often required to achieve beneficial acute effects [3, 4].


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  • C. Marks
  • D. Woodings
  • J. Stephens
  • M. VandenBurg

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