Event Graphs for Modeling and Evaluating Modern Production Systems

  • George Harhalakis
  • Said Laftit
  • Jean-Marie Proth
Conference paper


In this paper, the performance problem of job-shop and assembly systems with deterministic manufacturing times under cyclic production process is addressed. In both types of systems, the ratios of the various product types to manufacture are given. The set of the ratios is known as the product mix. The control of a production system in order to meet the given ratios is obtained by associating a machine sequence to each machine. Such a sequence defines the sequencing of the product types (or the sequencing of the components of the products types, in the case of an assembly system) on a machine. The proportion of a product type (or a component) in a machine sequence tally with the related ratio. If one of the machine sequences does not reflect the corresponding ratio, it has been proved in [1] that the system blocks after a finite period of time.


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  • George Harhalakis
  • Said Laftit
  • Jean-Marie Proth

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