T Cell Epitopes and Thyroid Peroxidase

  • N. Fukuma
  • S. McLachlan
  • D. I. W. Phillips
  • C. A. S. Pegg
  • B. Rapoport
  • B. Rees Smith
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Investigations of immune responses to exogenous antigens suggest that antibodies tend to interact with conformational, non-linear regions of polypeptides whereas T cells recognize short, lenear amino acid sequences of denatured antigen in association with MHC molecules. Further, detailed analyses of peptides stimulatory for T cells have indicated that such T cell “epitopes” have characteristic patterns of amino acids which may be predicted according to the algorithms of Rothbard [1] or Berzofsky [2].


Polypeptide Histidine Acetylcholine Thymidine Tetanus 


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  • N. Fukuma
  • S. McLachlan
  • D. I. W. Phillips
  • C. A. S. Pegg
  • B. Rapoport
  • B. Rees Smith

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