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Allograft Prosthetic Composite Arthroplasty for Limb Salvage and Revision Arthroplasty

  • S. Gitelis
  • M. Sheinkop
  • A. Harris
  • A. Rosenberg
  • P. Piasecki


The use of allograft bone to replace defects about the hip and knee is not a new technique first popularized for tumor reconstruction. Several authors have published encouraging clinical results with osteoarticular allografts [9, 10, 14–20, 22]. This surgical procedure, however, is associated with many reported complications, especially in weight-bearing joints [13]. Some of the complications inherently associated with osteoarticular allografts include instability, joint collapse with malalignment, and cartilage fragmentation with secondary degenerative arthritis. Various techniques have been attempted to improve the cartilage viability during processing [2, 7, 8, 21]. These attempts have centered around the use of cryoprotective agents to prevent crystal formation during the freezing process. Despite the use of these techniques, the viability of the articular surface remains in doubt.


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