Endothelin and the Coronary Circulation

  • Winifred G. Nayler


It is reasonable to assume that Cleopatra’s death was due to coronary insufficiency caused by the sarafotoxins (primarily sarafotoxin SRTX-b) in the asp’s venom (Chapter 4). The endothelins are also potent coronary constrictors. In anaesthetized dogs, for example, a bolus injection into the coronary circulation of as little as 30 pmol of endothelin-1 per kilogram body weight reduces coronary blood flow by more than ninety percent. Sometimes this dose even causes total coronary occlusion (Kurihara et al. 1989b). Large epicardial as well as small resistance vessels are affected, and the effect lacks species specificity, human (Chester et al. 1989), rat (Fukuda et al. 1989), pig (Yanagisawa et al. 1988a), dog (Clozel and Clozel 1989; Kurihara et al. 1989a; Cocks et al. 1989) and rabbit (Karwatowska-Prokopczuk and Wennmalm 1990) coronary arteries, and in some cases veins (Cocks et al. 1989) all having been shown to be sensitive.


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