Endothelin and the Brain

  • Winifred G. Nayler


Endothelin-1 does not cross the blood-brain barrier (Koseki et al. 1989a) nor does it alter it’s permeability (Feraci et al. 1989). It might have been assumed, therefore, that the endothelins would not influence the functioning of the central nervous system — apart from any effects which might arise either as a secondary consequence of a reduction in blood flow due to cerebral vasoconstriction, and vasospasm (Kauser et al. 1990), or effects which might occur because of an action on the circumventricular organs which have a deficient blood brain barrier. Once again, however, the endothelins are full of surprises, because not only do they act centrally — they are also produced locally.


Olfactory Bulb Pituitary Gland Medulla Oblongata Cerebral Vasospasm Cerebral Vasoconstriction 
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