Free Vascularized Nerve Grafts

  • A. Berger
  • P. Mailänder
  • E. Schaller


The ideal nerve graft may be that which is already vascularized immediately after transplantation. The classic nerve graft (Millesi et al 1972; Settergreen and Wood 1984) must be vascularized by the recipient bed and autonomic blood supply of the reconstructed nerve stumps. In recent years many investigations have been carried out to obtain further information on vascularized nerve grafts (Taylor and Ham 1976; Breidenbach and Terzis 1984; Fachinelli et al. 1981; Doi et al. 1984; Restrepo et al. 1985; Berger 1987). However, for clinical use the question remains open regarding the place of the vascularized nerve graft in reconstruction of peripheral nerve lesions. It is necessary to ascertain how much we gain by this method, and how much we lose in taking a vascularized graft at the donor site.


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