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The emphasis of this year’s report will be seen (1) in the structure of origins and the control of initiation of DNA replication; (2) in aspects related to the cell cycle, such as the pattern of DNA replication; and (3) in some new results on differential DNA replication. For general reviews the reader is referred to the books published by Schvartzman et al. (1986) and Laskey et al. (1987), and the paper by Kienzle-Pfeilsticker (1987). The current status in the understanding of eukaryotic primase, the enzyme that synthesizes the primer or initiator RNAs, was reviewed by Roth (1987), and the properties of DNA polymerases were discussed by So and Downey (1988). Petruska et al. (1988) compared the DNA melting thermodynamics and DNA polymerase fidelity, and Clark (1988) detected a novel nontemplated nucleotide addition reaction catalyzed by the eukaryotic and prokaryotic holo-enzyme.


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