During the past few years much progress has been made in the evaluation of various effects which contribute to the line shape of the Z. Some time ago the first order in α corrections [1,2] to the Z line shape were studied, even in such a way that experimental cuts could be incorporated [2]. It was clear from these studies that a theoretical assessment of higher order corrections would become necessary for an accurate comparison between theory and experiment. It is the purpose of this report to review the present situation and to give the most recent actual numbers for the line shape following from the standard model. This review can be considered as a continuation of work presented elsewhere [3,4]. We restrict ourselves to the ideal case of no experimental cuts. The motivation is that we first want to be sure what the expectations are for this case, before we introduce the additional problem of cuts. The formulae and numbers of this report can serve as a guideline for event generators, which should at least reproduce these results.


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