Prognosis of Endometrial Carcinoma



In the FIGO Annual Report (1985), 5-year survival was 67.7% in 13 581 cases of endo-metrial carcinoma (Table 5.1). The reported figures of survival have been consistent, ranging from 66% to 77% (Frick et al. 1973; Morrow et al. 1973; Berman et al. 1980; Connelly et al. 1982; Kauppila et al. 1982). Li (1988), reviewing 418 cases of endometrial carcinoma, found 5-year survival to be 77.6% for stage I, 59.6% for stage II, and 61.9% for stages I–IV respectively. The low mortality is probably related to the fact that over 80% of the cases were confined to the uterus (FIGO stages I, II) at initial diagnosis and approximately 75% of cases could be treated by surgery and/or radiotherapy.


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