Läßt sich durch Cortisongabe eine Hüftkopfnekrose beim Kaninchen induzieren?

  • C. Ludwig
  • J. Rütt
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40 rabbits were divided into 4 groups. 33 animals received 0,5 mg/kg of methylprednisolone per day over a period of 14 weeks and a variety of diets: standard pellet diet (N, 12 specimens), lipid diet (F, 9 specimens) and low calcium-high phosphate diet (Ca/Ph, 12 specimens). 7 animals received a diet with elevated lipid content only.

The animals were weighed once every week. Radiographs of both hip joints were taken every 4 weeks. Blood samples were obtained in order to determine serum cholesterol, total lipids, calcium and phosphate levels.

Finally, the femoral heads were examined histologically. Weight loss, osteoporosis, low calcium serum levels and elevated levels of cholesterol and neutral lipids were found in all cortisonetreated rabbits. The microscopical findings included increased marrow fat, bone resorption, fat globuli in subchondral vessels and osteochondral pseudocysts in the cortisone-treated rabbits.


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  • J. Rütt
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