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  • Geoffrey R. Moore
  • Graham W. Pettigrew
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The structural information described in Chapters 3 and 4 not only furthers our understanding of the chemical and biochemical properties of cytochrome c, but also provides a rich store of information of evolutionary significance. The evolutionary implications of the structural data is one of the themes of the present chapter in which we discuss the role that cytochrome c has played in the development of the relatively new field of molecular evolution. We start by defining certain general taxonomic and phylogenetic concepts and follow this with discussions of a number of topics, including: evolution of eukaryotes and the origin of eukaryotic organelles; the evidence for lateral gene transfer and gene duplication in molecular evolution; and the possible occurrence of convergence in the evolution of cytochromes.


Blue Green Alga Mitochondrial Cytochrome Lateral Gene Transfer Oxygenic Photosynthesis Neutral Mutation 
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