Acute Subdural Hematoma - An Unsolved Neurosurgical Problem

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Acute subdural hematoma is one of the most common neurosurgical diseases and at the same time one with the highest mortality. It is difficult to imagine that any neurosurgeon would be willing to operate upon a condition with a mortality of 60% or higher, but in the case of subdural hematoma we do precisely this. It is also surprising that subdural hematoma has gained so little attention in literature and research; it seems that efforts have been directed to more attractive and “modern” topics, even if these often represent rare and exotic diseases. The achievements of modern neurosurgery, like new techniques in anesthesia, microsurgery, and intensive care, have greatly changed the results and indications in many fields of neurosurgery and resulted in an impressive lowering of mortality, but in respect of acute subdural hematoma no such trends are visible.


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