Replication of Plant RNA Viruses in Vivo in Relation to Virus-Host Interactions

  • Radhia Gargouri
  • Anne-Lise Haenni
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 41)


Various approaches can be used to examine the replication of plant RNA viruses within the host. The modifications incurred by the different cell compartments due to virus infection can indicate the parts of the cell likely to be involved in replication. The sites at which RNA replication occurs can also be ascertained by investigating where virus-specific, newly synthesized or double-stranded RNA species are located, or where the viral nonstructural proteins can be detected. Characterization and analysis of purified double-stranded RNAs has helped to elucidate the mechanism for the synthesis of the coat protein subgenomic RNA. Enzyme complexes (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase or replicase) responsible for RNA replication have been isolated. Although difficult to work with, they provide valuable information regarding the virus-coded nonstructural proteins that participate in RNA replication. The characterization of host-encoded factor(s) possibly involved in this process remains a major problem.


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