Status of the Standard Electroweak Model

  • P. Langacker


The standard SU 2×U 1 electroweak model [1] has been spectacularly successful. It incorporated QED and the Fermi theory of charged current weak interactions (as modified to include parity violation, quark mixing, etc.), and successfully predicted the weak neutral current interaction and the existence and properties of the W and Z. It is a mathematically consistent renormalizable field theory which explains or agrees with virtually all known facts. The only experimental problems are: (a) the Solar neutrino problem, (b) the nature of the cosmological dark matter, (c) the anomalous electron-positron events from the Darmstadt GSI, and (d) possible indications of one or more “fifth” forces. However, it is not clear whether (a) and (b) are problems in particle physics or astrophysics, whether (c) is a particle or nuclear physics problem, or whether (d) is real.


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