Pediatric Vascular Injuries

  • Sven-Erik Bergentz
  • David Bergqvist


Umbilical arterial catheterization may cause vessel wall perforation or avulsion with bleeding; vascular occlusion, in the form of (a) thrombosis with aortoiliac or visceral artery occlusion, (b) thrombosis with microembolization, or (c) Wharton’s jelly embolization; injury by a foreign body from a broken catheter; or late sequelae such as mycotic aneurysm, a renal artery occlusion with renovascular hypertension, or intermittent claudication and impaired growth. Injuries caused by arteriography, heart catheterization, or arterial puncture will be discussed in this chapter only when they involve special problems concerning children. Otherwise the reader is referred to p. 8. Injuries also occur during surgical procedures.


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