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Naturally Occurring H-2 Specific Antibodies

  • P. Ivanyi
  • R. Černý-Provaznik
  • P. C. van Mourik
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The serendipity of discovery of “naturally occurring” H-2 specific antibodies (NA H-2 Abs) started in our laboratory in the late 1970s. For the induction of antibodies against the H-2Ld molecule, we immunized BALB/c-Ld-loss mutant mice (BALB/cBy, H-2dm2) with lymphocytes of the coisogenic strain BALB/cBy H-2d (Ivanyi et al. 1979); we shall designate this immunization as dm2-anti-d. Twenty-two mice were immunized and individual sera (Ivanyi et al. 1978) analyzed separately for cytotoxic antibodies against a panel of lymphocytes from congeneic strains with various H-2 haplotypes. After the first 4–8 weeks of immunization, anti-Ld antibodies — as expected — could be detected (H-2d, H-2q, and H-2b cells were lysed). However, after continuous immunization, in most sera antibodies appeared which surprisingly also lysed H-2k (Kk) and H-2r cells. These unexpected antibodies exerted the reactivity pattern of a short public antibody, namely anti-H-2.25. We shall designate these antibodies here as anti-Kk.


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  • P. Ivanyi
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  • R. Černý-Provaznik
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  • P. C. van Mourik
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  1. 1.Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service and Laboratory for Experimental and Clinical ImmunologyUniversity of AmsterdamAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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