Source Regions for Ultrapotassic Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatism in the Southwest Uganda Region of the African Rift: Implications from Experimental Studies

  • A. D. Edgar


The association of alkaline magmatism and continental rifting is nowhere more spectacularly developed than in the African Rift system where some of the earth’s most unusual alkaline lavas are found. In the equatorial part, the African rift comprises an eastern branch consisting primarily of Na-rich mafic to ultramafic lavas and their differentiates, and a western branch with an extraordinary series of K-rich (ultrapotassic) mafic-ultramafic lavas which have attracted and continue to attract the attention of petrologists and geochemists. This paper considers only the rocks of the western branch of the Rift, particularly those in Southwest Uganda.


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