Credit Institutions and Securities Markets

10th National Symposium of the Institute for Bankhistorical Research held at the Bank für Gemeinwirtschaft AG, Frankfurt am Main, on October 24, 1986
  • Monika Pohle
Conference paper
Part of the German Yearbook on Business History book series (BUSINESS, volume 1987)


“Big Bang” took place in London on October 27,1986, that is to say, the transition from the local to the new electronic stock exchange system as the final step within the shift from the system of separate fields of activity for the different types of banks towards unibanking by all-purpose banks. This event, together with the law passed by the German parliament on October 23,1986 on stock exchange listings, which facilitates medium-sized companies’ access to the stock exchange through the creation of a “regulated market”, lent a highly topical note to the symposium organised by the Institue fur Bankhistorical Research.


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