Knee Joint

  • Horst Sattler
  • Ulrich Harland


In principle the knee joint should be examined in all areas that are accessible to sonographic imaging. Excellent longitudinal views are obtained by scanning above the patella at the center of the superior recess (suprapatellar pouch) and below the patella over the fat pad (Fig. 72). From those sites the transducer is moved laterally and medially to obtain parallel views of the condyles. The transducer is then rotated 90° and transverse scans are initiated proximally over the quadriceps muscle group with visualization of the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and the entire superior recess. Transverse scans are continued distal to the patella, delineating the infrapatellar space. The knee should always be examined in flexion so that the deformation of the fat pad, the downward excursion of the patella, and the narrowing of the superior recess can be observed. This is especially important when effusion is present so that the fluid displacement in the parapatellar spaces can be studied. In addition, flexion of the knee appears to produce a suction effect that draws fluid into the superior recess (Fig. 73).


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