The Quasi-geostrophic and Ageostrophic Models

  • Radyadour Zeytounian


As our starting point in this chapter, we will again use the exact quasi-static equations of Sect. 7.1. In this instance, however, a ß-plane approximation will be carried out (see Sect. 2.3), and, like in Subsect 2.4.3, the coordinate system τ,ξ,η,ζ, associated with isobaric surfaces will be used. This means that we will consider (4.3) to which we will add the right hand members of (7.14, 18) after rewriting them with respect to the variable ζ, while taking into account \(\frac{\partial }{{\partial z}} = - {\rm{Bo}}\varrho \frac{\partial }{{\partial \zeta }}\,.\)


Asymptotic Theory Asymptotic Model Isobaric Surface Ekman Number Ekman Boundary Layer 
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