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Outcome of Persons Who Have Been Refused Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • B. Lundström


During the period of 1962–1974, 92 patients were referred to the University clinic, St. Jörgens hospital, for evaluation of gender dysphoria. Fifty-two of these were considered transsexual and accepted for a sex reassignment program. Of the remaining 40 patients, 9 had no gender dysphoria syndrom and 31 had some form of gender dysphoria but for different reasons were not accepted as candidates for sex reassignment. This paper is a presentation of my follow-up study of the 31 patients, 26 males and 5 females, who were not accepted for sex reassignment.


Gender Identity Disability Pension Gender Dysphoria Female Role Mental Instability 
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  1. Lundström B (1981) Gender dysphoria. A social-psychiatric follow-up study of 31 cases not accepted for sex reassignment. Reports from the Department of Psychiatry and Neuro-chemistry, St. Jorgen’s Hospital, University of Goteborg, Sweden, University of Goteborg Press, Hisings Backa, SwedenGoogle Scholar

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