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Sexual Behavior and Female Fertility

  • J. Kremer
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In a number of mammals ovulation only occurs after mating or after artificial insemination, due to tactile stimulation of the upper part of the vagina to which the female animal reacts with a behavior pattern which has orgasmic characteristics. Examples of these so-called reflex ovulators are the cat, the rabbit, and the camel. In rodents mating is necessary, not for ovulation but for the formation of a corpus luteum. There is no clear proof that such mechanisms occur in the human. Much has been written on the possible effects of female orgasm upon the incidence and time of ovulation, in particular by German gynecologists, but the theory has never been adequately confirmed or refuted. Ovulation or the formation of a corpus luteum is probably rarely induced by coitus in the human and it is the exception that would prove the overall rule.


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