The Signs and Causes of a Distempered Stomach

  • François Du Port


Long-lasting thirst, the ability to drink the coldest broth and make it healthy, yearning to be refreshed within and without, to be distressed by the effects of all hot food, to have nausea, hiccup and a bitter taste: all indicate the presence in the stomach of a foreign heat. The cause of this is exuberant yellow bile, or oppressive heat on the skin, or a salty humour: but when there is cold the contrary signs apply, there is no thirst and hot food and drink are acceptable. Warm poulticing encourages belching. Fine dishes engender acidity and delay digestion. Feelings of cold, a heavy burdened stomach, shivering: these are what inadequate innate heat or the phlegm produce. And if the stomach is overly moist, then too much food and drink and fluid are harmful and cause languor: dry solids are more welcome and much greenish fluid fills the mouth that is not coughed up. But the accompanying bile and also the heat dry up the skin so that drinks and moist foods are preferred.


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