Treatment of Inflation or Tension of the Uterus

  • François Du Port


If the womb is swollen, tense and sonorous with wind, to arrest this give a diluent enema with infused seeds of fennel, wild carrot with hyeris and oil of pristine laurel, nard, dill, rue or iris. Prepare fomentations with horehound, pennyroyal, fragrant thyme and polium: and rub the groins, pubis, flanks and back with oil of nard, laurel and pepper and powder of gum terebinth with a little wax. If the cause of the flatus is crude humour lurking in the liver, and it is feared that the harmful phlegm will not be expelled from the burdened part, prescribe remedies to discharge the phlegm: agaric fungus, diaphenicum, diacatharmus, benedict: and at the same time use the liniment described and foment the part. Irritate the skin to redness with fig, raisins and mustard, and apply many large cupping-glasses to the belly. Bathe in water infused with emollient herbs: mallow, flowers of camomile, those that subtilize and induce the menstrual flow like parsley, marjoram, calamint and parthenic.


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