Treatment of True Gonorrhoea

  • François Du Port


If there is a flow of semen that is undesired and involuntary and nothing to do with sexual frenzy, it must be suppressed as soon as possible so that the body should not slowly waste. Sorrel and melon and gourd, spinach-beet, purslane, lettuce, the down of roses and especially the saffron flower: of these prepare a water and converse: and collect together poppy, staghorn fern, the three sandalwoods, coral, camphor, plantain and cool water-lily, to suppress the semen with their cold: and dry rue, hemp, calamint and mint resolve and dissipate what great heat has engendered. Take seeds of hemp and lettuce, rue, powder of coral and stag’s horn, and make into tablets with ten times as much sugar, with a little rose water or juice of mint, that weighs a dram, to be taken before meals. And smear the region of the loins with ointment of red sandalwood, Armenian bole, wax and oil of green myrtle: and bind round with leaves of rue or agnus castus or with lead sheets if the condition is severe, to draw the heat away from the kidneys.


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