Treatment of Abscess of the Liver

  • François Du Port


Liver abscess is a swelling due to inflammation almost incapable of remedy: nevertheless, if there be a mode of cure, it is this. First inject an enema to restrain and dispel the vapours and the faeces gathered in the bowel: then bleed. Apply a poultice to the liver containing shepherd’s purse and the side-shoots of vines and many roses, myrrh, evergreen, lettuce, gourds and heat-giving wormwood with plantain: and make a liniment of their oils and juices and apply hot as liniment and poultice. If you would purge, do not use strong remedies: black cassia expels the humours gently, and lenitive, Calabrian manna and whey, and add to these rhubarb but not the senna and, before every meal, that laudable cream of barley which cleanses and purges. Rose-sugar and dog’s- tooth make useful tisanes that help to divert pus from the liver to the loins if a hump-back is involved, and in closing a devouring ulcer. And this can be done also with root of hundred-headed dog’s-tooth, wild celery and fennel: but to these must be added agrimony and chicory, plantain, liverwort, sorrel, roses, the four seeds commonly known as smaller, and the larger too.


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