The broth of an old cock with leek relieves asthma: and senna with figs, liquorice, coltsfoot, origanum, thyme and added diacatharmus: or hyeris or the invigorating agaric. And give syrups to rid the chest of phlegm: horehound, hyssop, thyme and maidenhair, and a little sulphur if the humour is sticky, also expelled in the sweat by lignum vitae. But that the phlegm should not form again, keep the patient in a soft bed, breathing warm air in a lofty room, or travelling in the country in an open carriage or in a tall ship on the seas: and let eating and drinking be restrained. However, do not proscribe what delights the palate: in fact, roast partridges and pigeon, fowl and turkey, all birds and four-footed beasts grateful to the stomach: and refined flour, twice-cooked, spiced with salt, coriander and fennel: and let but little wine be drunk, and that old, or potent mead which smells of wine. Usefully apply the cautery to the nape and the middle of the chest, and cupping-glases to both breasts and the loins towards the spine.


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