When it first develops, it is unwise to try to suppress the mumps, but if pain presses apply what is bland and gentle to the swollen part: the whey of butter is helpful, or oil pressed from sweet almonds, or camomile together with white lilies, or lanolin if you wish. Prescribe a poultice of wheat-flour, flax seeds with hydromel, barley and fenugreek: or in hydromel infuse mallow, camomile, marshmallow. And the fat of pig and calf helps to soften and lead to suppuration, as does that of fowl or goose, though its value is less certain if too hot: or use old oil or fat. And these remedies best relieve when the swelling is at its height and nature’s forces focus the pestiferous humour here: and this can be drawn thither with powder of cantharides, and pigeon’s dung, infused root of dittany mixed and fermented with marshmallow and delicate laurel oil. But if this fails to yield pus or resolve the humour, cauterize the lower part of the painful swelling: but first open a vein if the humour swells and relax the bowel with an effective remedy.


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