The Signs and Causes of Suffocation of the Uterus

  • François Du Port


This strangles the uterus unless aid comes quickly, for the heavy stomach loathes and despises food, leading to loss and emptiness and vomiting. The besieged heart falters, the breath comes thick and fast, the face is red, one feels one is choking, terror strikes cold, there is lack of impetus to speech, the pulse beats weakly and the women now despairs, resigns herself to death. However, these horrors are not certain signs of death, for pulse and sense return when the murmur of the belly softens and the relaxed uterus allows an even flow of fluid humour. The cause is a cruel vapour from the uterus when seed or menses are suppressed: or any foul and venomous humour entering the vessels and travelling upwards that imparts a tremor to the voice and heart and brain: as does the upward movement of the uterus when it presses hard against the diaphragm.


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